Pies on my mind!
More piesPies with meat and onions- a bit of Branston Pickle, and a hint of Heniz ketchup and a touch of Tabasco. The crust is readymade shortcrust. The pies took 10 min to make! A really fast super snack!
 I have been looking, wishing me, asking for, dreaming of a piemaker for years and years after having borrowed Glyn’s fantastic Magic Piemaker from Breville which magically made 2 wonderful pies at the same time at least a dusin times and sometimes for half a year at the time. At some point they stopped making it, but I read somewhere that after a lot of protests they starting making piemaking machines again- if’ this is true or not I dont know- but when they finally started making it. with 2-4 or 8 slots (!) I couldn’t find a place that would send it to Denmark- but finally witPiemaker openh the help from my good friend Brodock who found it for me on Amazon, here it is my very own Gourmet Piemaker from Breville which makes 4 pies at the same time!


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