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So our youngest came home from a holiday with his best friend and his friend’s father in Hastings where the father grew up. He brought us presents:  Marmite and Crumpets from Warburton. We never had Crumpets before and fell completely in love with them!  I started searching the net for recipes and also asked friends from U.K. for help as I had ordered a set of crumpet rings from Amazon as soon as I finished my first crumpet, knowing I had to try to make my own.

Here is my first attempts- not as spongy or with as big holes as the ones from Warburton- but still delicious.


Mix lukewarm milk with two spoons of yeast and spoons of sugar, let it stand aside a while to activate the yeast. Sift strong flour with a teaspoon spoon of salt, a teaspoon of baking soda – pour in the yeast mixture, half water half milk and stir it into a thick batter ( not a dough) and let it rise at room temperature for and hour or two- until double in size and lots of bubbles has formed ( it has to be froathy)

Warm a greased flat pan ( not a curved one as the batter will rise unevenly), place your greased crumpet rings and when hot pour batter in them, not more than half. Bake/ fry on the pan on low to medium heat till lots of bubbles has formed and burst ( this will take about 5-8 minutes) and the top has dried out, then flip them very briefly on the other side- and take them off the pan and repeat the process.

Careful not to have too much heat so the bottom will brown and burn- and not too low either as then the bubbles doesn’t form/ grow as well.

I have to say it was tricky for me to get the bubbles to stay, in the beginning the holes formed but didn’t stay, they sort of just got covered with batter when they ‘burst’. I read somewhere that the flour has to be ‘strong’ which means it has to have a high amount of protein- or the batter can’t hold the holes/ canals of air holes- which is the purpose of a crumpet: to hold as much butter and jam ( or Marmite?) as possible.

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