Emok*s Yorkshire puddings!

..an attempt to copy my favorite chef’s recipeĀ for Yorkshire puddings…mine didn’t look like his at all, but they tasted great!!

Emok puddings 004Emok puddings 001

Emok puddings 005

Emoks original recipe:

1 Cup of plain flour
1 Cup of eggs ( Free range ofc)
1 Cup of milk
Salt and White pepper ( plenty off as the flour will take a lot guide is good 4 pinches of both)

* Place all ingredients into a bowl and mix together.
* Put some oil ( enough to fill the bottem of each Muffin hole ) into the muffin holes.
* put into even Medium heat, Gas mark 6 , about 160 oC. for 20 mins
* WARNING do not open oven while cooking if u have to check after 20 mins then only have a lil tiny peak as if the heat gets out they will flop and turn into crappy pancakes.