Month: September 2020


Wait for the smack!

The secret recipe of Morten Bak. I had the good fortune to work night shifts with the über Breadman, Morten Bak whose bread is famous even with people who actually never tasted his bread but only heard of it. Hell its even famous amongst people who never met Morten! Morten was so kind to allow me […]

Cakes and cookies

Pastel de Nata

This is my second attempt at making the little fantastic Portuguese cake Pastel de Nata. I took a class at a bakery in Lisbon: last summer, it was crazy- 35 degrees outside and even more downstairs in the basement where the ovens were hotter than hell but it was worth it all. And the […]


Crazy about Crumpets!

So my youngest went to UK with his best friend and the best friends father who origins from Hastings. When he came home he brought me two packets of crumpets from Warburtons. As soon as I had eaten the first crumpet of the first packet, I ordered a set of crumpet rings from Amazon! I […]

Artisan bread

Artisan bread baked in a bread cloche

So I got this amazing bread cloche from Emile Henry as a birthday gift from my better half. That he actually listened to me was almost as amazing as the breads I make in this cloche.. almost.I used my friend Rosaly’s ‘Recycle bread’ as an inspiration. Recipe: Wheat kernels, pumpkin seeds, sea salt, two slices […]