Asian dishes

Asian dishes

Sticky rice with banana and black beans

Sticky rice in bananaleaves- also called Khao Tom Madt in Thai- is a very common snack/dessert you can buy from streetvendors. They taste wonderfully sweet from the coconut milk, the soft ripe banana and then the contradiction, which is so common in Thai food: little salty black beens in the middle of all the sweetness. […]

Asian dishes

Peking Duck!

You take one duck and inflate it. Peking duck! This has to be the silliest thing I ever cooked. The recipe it self was sooo funny..starting with the following instruction:’ You take the duck, dry it up, inflate the duck with a bicycle pump…. ‘. It took me days and it was so much trouble […]

Asian dishes, Fried stuff

Springrolls on the roll!!

I usually makes small springrolls, but this guy at work, Long made the most fantastic huge springrolls, with his own springroll wrappers and home made chili sauce, so I started experimenting to make them like his. I never succeeded even after quite a few attempts, so Long is still the Springroll Master, but mine didnt […]