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Sukker kringler

Sukkerkringer- Danish cookies: This in an very old Danish recipe for Sukkerkringler which I found in a book from 1922. In Jutland where I once lived ( its a part of Denmark) they have coffee breaks at all times of the day, all with the name of the time of day : “Formiddags kaffe” ( […]

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Flæskesvær/ Pork Rind

It’s all about the crunch !! This Danish snack called “Flæskesvær” is made from pigs skin and is a Danish tradition- it’s crunchy, tasty and really fattening! But it’s almost Christmas time, so let’s knock ourselves out with a handful of handmade Flæskesvær! How to make them? Cut pigs skin in thin slices and boil […]