Kokos makroner- danish Coconut cookies

Danish coconut cookies

These coconut macroons made with egg whites, sugar, grated coconut and marcipan and coated with dark chokolate are really nice when eated on the same day as they are baked. They are surposed to be crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside- so dont bake them too much! I found this recipy in my daugthers cookbook and its actually quite nice;)

2 eggwhites ( use the pastorised to make sure you avoid samonella)100 gr sugar100 gr grated coconut 25 gr pure macipan100 gr dark rich chokolate
Mix eggwhites and sugar well together in a bowl, grate the marcipan and add it. Leave for at least 30 min. Make 16 spoonfull of the mix on a baking tray ( use baking paper or it will stick), press them into shape with your hands and bake them at 175 degrees for about 15 or until slightly lightbrown.
Cool them off and when cooled dip the bottom of the macroons in melted dark chokolate of a good quality.

Leave to cool and serve when completely cooled off.
Keep them in an airtight container if you have any leftovers.)

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