Cakes and cookies

Cakes and cookies

Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt…simple as can be Its doesnt get any simpler than this! It doesnt get much better than this either! Its takes a while as many good things but its not difficult and it cant fail! 1.Take half a liter of full fat cream ( the kind you can whip!) melt 300 gr of dark […]

Cakes and cookies

Gitze’s lemon mini muffins

The day Lukas came by Sweet lille Lukas and his mother came by one Sunday afternoon, so my daugther and I baked some cookies and cakes: Kokos Makroner, Chokolade Snacks, Sukkerkringler and the delicious Gitzes Mini Muffins. Gitzes Mini Muffins! My daugther Regitze is very interested in cooking and baking and has been engaged in cooking like folding springrolls […]

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Super easy peasy Chocolate snacks

Chololate Snacks: These chokolate snacks are very fast to make and extremely easily done- you can make it anyway you want it so there is no real recipe. Wanna be recipe: Dark chokolate ( rich dark and with a large % of chokolate beans)Corn FlakesMelt the chokolate- I have to admit I just throw the […]

Cakes and cookies, Danish dishes

Sukker kringler

Sukkerkringer- Danish cookies: This in an very old Danish recipe for Sukkerkringler which I found in a book from 1922. In Jutland where I once lived ( its a part of Denmark) they have coffee breaks at all times of the day, all with the name of the time of day : “Formiddags kaffe” ( […]

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The fabulous Snicker cake!

This sounds silly but this cake really tastes like a Snicker bar!  I actually stole this recipe from somebody’s blog, but she also lent the recipe from somebody else’s blog, without noting where, so… Thank you to the original maker of this cake;)This cake is made in three easy steps: baking the cake, making the […]

Cakes and cookies

Pastel de Nata

This is my second attempt at making the little fantastic Portuguese cake Pastel de Nata. I took a class at a bakery in Lisbon: last summer, it was crazy- 35 degrees outside and even more downstairs in the basement where the ovens were hotter than hell but it was worth it all. And the […]