Super easy peasy Chocolate snacks

Chololate Snacks:

These chokolate snacks are very fast to make and extremely easily done- you can make it anyway you want it so there is no real recipe.

Wanna be recipe:

Dark chokolate ( rich dark and with a large % of chokolate beans)Corn Flakes
Melt the chokolate- I have to admit I just throw the chokolate into a big thick bottomed pan and smelt it slowly, stirring all the time. When its all melted and cooled off for a minute or two ( it shouldnt be too hot as it will soften the cornflakes or too cold as then it will stiffen when the cornflakes gets in) stir the cornflakes carefully ( dont break them) and pour the mix into little paper cups. Cool off and eat!
Keep them in an airtight container after cooled off completely.

You can use milk chokolates as well or mix the two that makes it very nice- not too sweet ( as I tend to find milk chokolate) and not too bitter ( as my kids tends to find the dark chokolates, which are my favorite). You can stir in roasted nuts ( unsalted ofc), coconut, candies fruits with the mix as well

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