Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt…simple as can be

Its doesnt get any simpler than this! It doesnt get much better than this either! Its takes a while as many good things but its not difficult and it cant fail!

1.Take half a liter of full fat cream ( the kind you can whip!) melt 300 gr of dark chokolate in it, always make sure it doesnt stick to the buttom of the pan- leave it to cool in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Note: I didnt dissolve the chokolate completely this time- as you can see on the picture- as I wanted to try with some small bits of chokolates, but normally it has to be completely disolved. It wasn’t good so don’t do it!

2. Whip the chokolate cream and top little ( or big) macaroons witth stiff chokolate cream as shown on the pic- use a knife and just scoop it on and form it to a cone. Put them in the frigde for at least a few hours until cream harden again

3..coat the cones with dark chokolate and decorate with a small candied violet! Keep them cool- and watch out..they disappear before u know it!

Mmm cant fridge is full of them

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