Flæskesvær/ Pork Rind

It’s all about the crunch !!

This Danish snack called “Flæskesvær” is made from pigs skin and is a Danish tradition- it’s crunchy, tasty and really fattening! But it’s almost Christmas time, so let’s knock ourselves out with a handful of handmade Flæskesvær!

How to make them?

Cut pigs skin in thin slices and boil them in water with added salt, bayleaves and chilli. Boil them for about 20-25 minuttes, drain them and pat them dry with a dishtowel and put them in a baking tray with salt sprinkled over then, put the tray  in the oven at 180-200 degrees for about 20-30 minuttes. Drain excess fat from time to time. Make sure the Flæskesvær arent baked too little ( or they’ll go chewy and not crunchy- and not tool long or they’ll have a burned taste and a too dry texture.

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